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Happy Birth Day!

Covid Update!

Fully vaccinated, regularly tested

Powerful Sacramento Birth


I'm so excited you're embarking on the doula path ...... It can make all the difference!

In todays world, parents are bombarded with an overload of information. You’re researching the pregnancy, the labor, doula support, birth locations, OB’s, Midwives and eventually, the baby……..Imagine a world where you allow the doula to become your Google, your Tik Tok and your Instagram so that you can let it all go!


Once I’m added to the mix, I help will help you breathe through the information overwhelm so you can find your focus. I will help you figure out what matters most to YOU. These choices are deeply personal and there isn’t a single birth expert who can tell you exactly how to birth this baby. I will walk with you as you navigate hard decisions, big emotions, and eventually find your truth. 

I joyfully support all families with unbiased support regardless of how you identify, what your family structure is, your sexual orientation, race, culture, gender or religion. I welcome you.

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