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Happy Birth Day!

Covid Update!

I'm fully vaccinated, regularly tested and excited to be back to in-person support.

Powerful Sacramento Birth


I'm so excited you're embarking on the doula path ...... It can make all the difference!

I see birth as a primal, awe inspiring experience. Not only is your sweet baby making their entrance in the world but you're becoming a parent! Whether it's your 1st or 4th baby, this  transition should be honored and held with great care. If you are supported and nurtured in the birthing process, you will have a much easier time birthing & nurturing your sweet baby, interventions will be fewer and you will feel empowered. It is my goal to support you and your partner, fully and completely, so you both feel strong and confident starting off your journey with your wee one.

Birth Matters. No matter how it happens or where it happens, it matters. So let's make it amazing. I would be honored to hold space for you and your family as you embark on this amazing journey that is parenthood.

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