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How might a birth doula elevate your hospital birth so you can walk into parenthood feeling strong and capable? 

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When you're pregnant, it's easy to feel like you’re stomping through a pile of random birth facts, not knowing what matters and what doesn't. How do you get the anxiety to fade into the nether so you can embrace a wee bit of woo-woo when pregnancy already feels overwhelming? You hire a birth doula! That's the fast-track ticket to figuring out what matters to YOU, particularly if you're having a hospital birth. 

I'll set you up for the most bad-ass, confident birthing experience possible. With my help, you’ll be the CEO of your birth and know what it means to birth consciously and confidently.

Let me be your Google so you can chill out and grow your little one! I’ll be with you for every decision and ginormous feeling too! It’s like having your big sister on speed dial…. but with more knowledge and fewer “opinions.”

If you want more information or if you’re like, “Bam! Let’s do this already!” Click this button! We need to chat!

Hey, I'm Gemma.

Doula. Educator. Retired actor. Attempted super mom. 

I help birthing families find their power, and I do it with a smile and a whole lot of laughter. By educating my clients on natural physiological birth, as well as hospital best practices and expectations, I help families feel confident and empowered as they navigate the wild ride of birth. 

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"Gemma was absolutely amazing. She was everything I had wanted in a birth Doula. I had two previous doulas with my other births and was somewhat disappointed with both. But Gemma was everything I wanted and made my 3rd birth experience super amazing. She was efficient, compassionate, full of great ideas for an unmedicated delivery and she was super hands-on. We used the rebozo cloth, tens unit, massage, birth ball. She was always ready to cue me for the next idea. The nursing staff and OB doctor thought she was awesome also. Gemma is a gem!"

Leah Cocchio

Randall Johns, NY

I'm proud to provide unbiased support to all families, regardless of how you identify, your family structure, sexual orientation, race, culture, gender, or religion. I welcome you with open arms and look forward to helping you achieve the birth experience you've always dreamed of.

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