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  • Certified Birth Doula (CD)DONA International

  • Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Specialist (ProDoula)

  • Certified Childbirth Educator

  • Trained Hypnobabies® Hypno-Doula

  • Spinning Babies workshop, 2020

  • Tens Unit, trained

  • Trauma Informed Provider

  • Vice President/Member, Capital City Birth Workers

My Philosphy

 I knew immediately, with the birth of my first child, that I wanted to grow up to be a Doula. Even though my birth had plenty of unwanted interventions and some not so fabulous turns, I was helped immensely by my Doula. She never left my side, never judged me when I called for the epidural and most importantly, she helped me navigate the medical system so that I would come out feeling victorious. I felt the most incredible power that day..... After 2 hours and 20 minutes of pushing, a mama was born and I felt like the most powerful person on the planet. I wanted to shout from the mountain tops, "LOOK WHAT I JUST DID!!!!" Every single birthing person deserves to feel that powerful. That feeling was addictive. I'm now driven to hold space for each birthing person as they navigate the labor labyrinth. When a birthing person feels deeply supported and nurtured, they can find the strength they didn't know they had.

It's not about what interventions you want or don't want. It isn't about home birth or hospital birth. It isn't about choosing an OB or a midwife..... It's about feeling powerful. It's about educating yourself on the birthing process so that you are an active participant in your journey and that your voice is heard. You deserve this. We all deserve this.  As your advocate, I will not speak for you. I will simply empower you.

I would be honored to help guide you on that journey and help you find your power, without judgement. My role as your Doula is to hold space for you and your partner so that you can feel knowledgeable & confident with your choices. This will be the most memorable day of your life.

My Story

I'm mama bear to three crazies. My home is super loud but loaded with love. I'm joyful and smile pretty much all the time. That's a huge part of me. It has always been a huge part of me. I can easily re-frame a bad situation, which is probably annoying to some, but it's a trait that has helped me through life and guides me as I work with helping birthing people find their power. I have deep roots that go back to my childhood in San Jose & I'm a professional actor on an endless hiatus ever since the birth world opened my eyes to a new found passion 11 years ago.

My interest in birth runs deep and I'm constantly taking classes, reading books & articles and learning as much as possible. I'm proud to use the CD(DONA) title as my certification was a huge milestone in my professional life. I am also a Trained Hypnobabies® Hypno-Doula which requires a very specific level of training. This method of support is very specific and is different than my "standard" methods of care.

I'm mostly just a mama who found great power in my own birthing experiences and I love to share my knowledge to newer families so that they too can feel this strength.  It's powerful stuff.

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