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Birth work is Nutty! Here’s why it’s my jam.
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What makes me, me.

My first birth transformed me. It was the day I learned I was an actual superhero despite not owning a cape. But, it’s also the day I learned exactly what the word Doula meant and why I needed to lean into this work.

On that rainy October morning, as I oh-so-slowly made my way to the front of the hospital, navigating active contractions with every step,  I realized I had grossly underestimated the hospital system. It was, and still is, a system that does NOT center the birthing person. Thank god my #1 helper was walking next to me. My Doula. And my husband, of course, but I needed someone who knew the system….both the hospital and birth… Because what the hell was happening to my body?! This shit was crazy! Beautiful, yes, but, “crazy.”

Despite having regular and strong contractions, my doctor said, “Pitocin time!” Wait. What? Now?! I looked at my doula. She reminded me that the choice was mine so I asked for more time. For hours and hours, we continued navigating a hospital system that felt like a living organism and it seemed to be gripping me in its annoyingly strong grasp. 

My Doula was my secret weapon! She never left my side. She was the one constant, knowledgeable force in a jigsaw puzzle of complicated decisions. Want to know the ONE thing she did that made me scream, “HIRE A DOULA!” to every one of my friends?! It was so simple… She helped me find my power in a system that was set up for me to feel powerLESS. With my Doula’s help, I changed the trajectory of how I was feeling about my experience and now, I’m committed to doing this for you. 

So, here I am, paying it forward one birth at a time. 


What’s the secret sauce? It's not about interventions! It’s not even about vaginal deliveries vs. cesareans, or epidurals, or even Pitocin. It's actually about feeling powerful. How can you set yourself up to feel powerful?


  • Educate yourself on the birthing process so you can actively participate in your birth. BIRTH CONSCIOUSLY

  • Be clear on your preferences so your voice is heard. (and yes, you should 100% have preferences!!!! We’ll talk a lot about this during our prenatal work.)

  • Understand hospital best practices so you can decide if they work for you.

  • Know the basic interventions so you feel confident saying, “No, thank you” or “All good! let it roll.”


There's no right way to birth. (despite what so many books make you believe!) There's only YOUR way. I will do everything I can to ensure you’re heard and respected. You deserve it.

I'm mama bear to three crazies. (click here to read my birth stories) My home is super loud and loaded with love. I'm joyful and smile pretty much all the time. That's a huge part of me. It’s always been a huge part of me. I can easily re-frame a bad situation, which has helped me through life and guides me as I help birthing families find their power. I'm a professional actor who has been on an endless hiatus since giving birth 15 years ago. My San Jose roots run deep. That’s where I had the best childhood ever, tearing up the Naglee Park neighborhood and celebrating all things New Kids On The Block.

I’m a fierce advocate in real life, too. This skill isn’t limited to birth. You might find me speaking my mind in my community or volunteering in 5 million different ways for my kids’ schools. I never thought I’d drive a minivan, but here I am. And dare I say I love it?! Yup, it might happen to you, too! Those sliding doors are the best ever!!! 

This is me—raw and real, with a kind of no-nonsense, say-it-how-it-is energy, a smile, and a heavy dose of fun.

What Makes Me Qualified?
  • Certified Birth Doula (CD)DONA International

  • Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Specialist (ProDoula)

  • Certified Childbirth Educator

  • Trained Hypnobabies® Hypno-Doula

  • Spinning Babies workshop, 2020

  • Tens Unit, Certified

  • Trauma Informed Provider, Dancy Perinatal

  • Capital City Birth Collective, Vice President 2020-2022/Member (present)

  • Certified VBAC Doula, VBAC Link

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