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Now, more than ever, birthing couples NEED a doula. And I'm sure you're curious what your options might be. As you may know, hospitals are now only allowing one support person at each birth. But, there is just so much a doula can still offer you remotely that you might not have thought about. I would love to help you understand what this new model of care looks like.


You are not alone. We can be present "virtually" and still coach you through contractions, offer up comfort measure ideas and remind you that birth is normal and you are doing a great job. Most importantly, we can still help you navigate decisions both prenatally as well as during labor.

This model is working. Let me guide you on this journey so that you can understand what amazing support you still have available to you.

Remote Doula Support:

Cost $1000, depending on need

If there's one thing doulas excel at, it's adapting. The traditional doula model has shifted but the base of what we do is still there. We support you. There are still so many ways I can support you. I will still help you navigate the hospital system and make solid choices during your labor so that you feel powerful as you enter into parenthood. I will still make suggestions for pain management and position changes. I will still show you that this is pain with a purpose and is completely and totally normal. I will still remind you that you're doing an amazing job.

This remote model is incredibly fluid and can be different things to different people. All my packages include 2-3 prenatal meetings where we set you up for success. Now, more than ever, these prenatal meetings will hopefully give you the confidence you need to rock this labor.

Possible options include but are not limited to:

  • Full video presence for most or all of the active labor phase  (assuming the technology works in our favor, if not, I will lead you through options on how to make the best of the technology we have available to us)  

  • Intermittent Video Support for early/active labor 

  • Text and Phone support during the duration of your labor to mostly help you navigate the system and make big decisions

With a little creativity, you will have a birth professional holding your hand and even talking you through contractions. Your partner, who is physically in the room, will be set up for success, by way of my prenatal coaching and real-time support, so they can calmly help you navigate both early and active labor. 

Unlimited Text, Phone and Email support prenatally

**On-Call starting at 38 weeks to whenever the baby is born.

Standard Doula Services include:  $1,200

(Not currently being offered due to Covid-19)

2-3 Prenatal Visits

Labor Support

Breastfeeding Support

1 Postpartum Visit

Unlimited Text, Phone and Email support

**On-Call starting at 38 weeks to whenever the baby is born.

**Back up doula hired for every birth

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

Make decisions for you 

Speak to the staff on your behalf

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

2-3 Prenatal Visits

These visits help me understand your needs. One of the things I love the most about being a doula is understanding the unique needs of each couple I work with. No laboring mama is the same so part of my job is to understand how best to support both you and your partner. In the prenatal visits, I will do a lot of listening to both you and your partner so I will have a strong understanding of your birth plan and support needs. My focus is not just the laboring mama but the partner as well. In many ways, we work in tandem. The partner knows and loves the mama like no other. I know and trust the birth process. Together, we're an amazing team.

I will also hear about what you've learned in your reading, studying and birth classes and fill in any gaps that you want more clarity on. We'll chat about what's pumping you up and what's freaking you out and most importantly, we'll work through as many of the fears as possible. Finally, we'll chat about pain management and go over some positions and techniques.

During labor 

I know your birth plan and will help you navigate the system according to your wishes. I will also help you stay open, understand your options and feel empowered as you experience many unknown, twists and turns. My number one goal here is to support you and your partner. That's truly the bottom line. Support looks different for everyone so what I do shifts along with the birth. 

Baby’s first feeding Support 

I help you as figure out the delicate dance that is the first feeding. It should be calm and beautiful..... But, sometimes, mama needs a little support from someone who understands the process. The first hour after birth is such a special time so we will work together to make sure you have the support you need. 

Postpartum follow-up visit 

This will be after you arrive home. It's very casual. I will help you process and remember the labor and birth (one of my favorite things ever!!!) and check on nursing and your overall well being. I'll offer tips and suggestions if you need some. And I just might even make you a sandwich!

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