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doula near me sacramento birth doula

Many generations ago, Doula's were built into the framework of our culture. Mom's, Grandma's, Aunt's and Sister's were all present at a woman's birth. They were knowledgeable and comfortable with the birthing process because birth was not yet medicalized and women naturally and organically supported other women. Sadly, that village mentality is no longer our current way. Your mom or sister might be present, but they have likely never seen a healthy, natural birthing experience or breastfed their babies. Birth is intense and can be a lot to take in if you aren't ready for the experience. In hiring a Doula, you gain instant support and knowledge from someone who truly believes in the power of each person giving birth. Your Partner, your Mom, your Aunt & your Sister can still be your biggest cheerleader, but they can all look to the Doula for confirmation that this is normal and natural and the birthing person is doing just fine. The Doula's only goal is to empower the birthing person, and their partner, with no judgement. It is my hope that they will then feel confident, supported, and powerful as they enter into parenthood.

How can a Doula help you?
doula near me sacramento birth doula

As published by the Cochrane Library in 2011

  • Shortened labor 25%

  • Cesarean rate reduced by 45%

  • Oxytocin use lowered by 50% (Stimulated labor)

  • Pain medication lowered by 30%

  • Lowered forceps deliveries by 34%

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